ActiveRecord::Calculations will now use column-based type casting

ActiveRecord::Calculations is a great collection of methods that allow arithmetic operations to be performed right on the ActiveRecord attributes. These are the available methods:

  • average
  • calculate
  • count
  • ids
  • maximum
  • minimum
  • pluck
  • sum

Ideally, the expectation would be that the return type of these methods would be the same as the column type itself. However, a discrepancy in aggregation leads to Rails calling to_d on average aggregates from the database adapter. It could cause some inefficiencies in the code.


Let’s assume we have a class called Product with attributes price as BigDecimal and rating as Float. Now, calling average on them would lead to some irregular errors.

# => 17.96 (BigDecimal)

# => 4.3 (BigDecimal)
# The return type should be Float.

Unfortunately, the results are not harmonious with their data types.


With the latest changes in Rails 7, we can now expect harmonious results.

# => 17.96 (BigDecimal)

# => 4.3 (Float)

This leads to better overall accuracy in calculations.

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