React 18 adds onResize event to video elements

Before React 18, onResize handlers were ignored on video elements. React 18 now adds support for the onResize media event.

Saeloun's Company Retreat to Goa

Know about our company retreat to Goa and the fun times e had filled with games, good food, and lots of conversations.

Rails 7 now lazy loads schema cache

Use a config option to now switch between eager and lazy schema cache loading.

Ruby 3.1 introduces Variable Width Allocation for Strings

In this blog let us understand how Variable Width Allocation works in Ruby

React 18 allows components to render 'undefined'

Before React 18, if we did not want to render anything, we had to return 'null' or an empty fragment. React now allows undefined to be rendered.

Rails does not require role when to be passed to connected_to

The connected_to block no longer throws an ArgumentError when called without a role parameter so as to pave the way for a more simplified and buildable syntax.

How does Ruby manage memory?

Each programming language has its version of memory management so, let us look into how Ruby does this under the hood.

Step-by-step guide to GSAP Library

With GSAP library, we can create beautiful animations using Tweens, ScrollTrigger, and Timelines

Employees maketh Businesses

How Saeloun runs with the help of its Employees and tries giving back

Rails 7 adds support for deferrable foreign key constraints in PostgreSQL

By default, foreign key constraints in PostgreSQL are checked after each statement. This works for most use cases but becomes a major limitation when creating related records before the parent record is inserted into the database.