Akhil G Krishnan

I'm a Rails and React enthusiast with over two year experience in web application development. I'm also an active member of technical communities in Kerala. Born and raised in Alappuzha, Kerala. In my free time I use to travelling and do open source contributions.
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Introducing Line Range Filtering in Rails 7.1 Testing

Rails 7.1 introduces line range filtering for running specific tests within a test file based on line numbers.
authorImg Akhil G Krishnan

How to configure a Next.js app with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS?

A step-by-step guide on how to build a Next.js application with Typescript and Tailwind CSS
authorImg Akhil G Krishnan

Rails 7 added --css app generator

Rails 7 added --css app generator for configuring CSS processors.
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Rails 7 replaced byebug with ruby/debug

Rails 7 removed byebug from their default debugger and replaced it with ruby/debug.
authorImg Akhil G Krishnan

Ruby 3.1 allows value omission in hash literals

Ruby 3.1 adds the ability to use hash literals without having a value.