Cypress 9.2.0 introduces a new environment variable 'CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT'

‘Cypress verify’ command gets executed as part of the ‘cypress open’ and ‘cypress run’ commands. Cypress now provides an option to override the verification timeout for slow machines with the environment variable CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT. It defaults to 30000 milliseconds but can be configured according to the system requirement.


Before version 9.2.0, if we had a slow system and would try running npx cypress open or npx cypress run Cypress would throw an Error: Cypress Verification Timed Out . . .Command Timed Out after 30000 milliseconds.


After 9.2.0, we can custom set the variable using the below command:


npx cypress verify


npx cypress verify

Bug fix in version 9.2.1

A bug was also identified with the CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT variable, which was later fixed in the next release. On setting the value to ‘100000’ or more, we were getting an error as mentioned below.

$ npx cypress verify
Cypress failed to start.
This may be due to a missing library or dependency.
Please refer to the error below for more details.
Command failed with ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE: <dir>/.cache/Cypress/9.2.0/Cypress/Cypress --no-sandbox --smoke-test --ping=470
The value of "timeout" is out of range. It must be an unsigned integer. Received '100000'
Platform: linux-x64 (Ubuntu - )
Cypress Version: 9.2.0

To solve this - CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT is changed to an integer rather than a string. This change allows the variable to work appropriately when set by the user.

To know more, check out the PR and Bug Fix.

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