Sneak peak into the workstation of Saeloun team!

Saeloun is a remote-first company and has a flexible way of working. Our employees are never forced to work from office, and this is one of the best perks of our company. Our processes, communications, and culture are designed in a way that remote work will never be an obstacle.

Our employees love this setup and they get enough space and opportunity to brainstorm on several technologies, solve problems and write innovative codes. Although we have enough communication and fun activities every day online, we decided to better understand our colleagues and their interaction with work in their environment. So, we came up with an amazing idea of sharing our workspaces with the team and getting a sneak peek of their in-house offices. Without much ado, let’s dive deep in and get a glimpse of the workstations of our team members-

Archana Patil

Archana is a big-time travel enthusiast and she loves working from mountains. She has a thing for beautiful views and serene locations.

Puneet Sutar

When it comes to old-school music and retro views, Puneet will never miss a chance to be a part of it. He is a free-spirited traveller and enjoys working from different places around the world.

Swaathi Kakarla

Apart from coding and writing, Swaathi has a knack for arranging things in a particular way. She is a perfectionist.

Chetan Gawai

Chetan loves working with a view, and especially if a pigeon as cute as this one accompanies us at work, how can we avoid it? Looks like both of them love each other’s company.

Sonam Goyal

Sonam is a minimalist and she loves to keep things simple, just like her workspace.

Keshav Biswa

Keshav’s favorite color is blue and it is pretty much evident from his workspace. He loves to keep things simple, yet enticing.

Prajakta Tambe

Prajakta likes aesthetic set-ups and she is also a minimalist. She likes to keep her workspace simple and organized.

Mohini Dahiya

Mohini likes to work in her living room and prefers a tinge of vibrance in her workspace.

Vipul Amler

Vipul isn’t a fan of flashy things and that’s well reflected from his workspace.

Nishant Samel

Nishant loves working outdoors and prefers versatile workspaces. He doesn’t care about the location much, as long as there’s enough space to sit.

Alkesh Ghorpade

Alkesh loves minions and house plants. Like some of our other colleagues, he also prefers a simple workspace set-up and notes things down while working.

Akhil G Krishnan

Akhil’s workspace has a beautiful graffiti of the world. Not to mention, his passion for traveling is very well reflected in his workspace.

Apoorv Misra

Apoorv likes to keep his workstation simple and doesn’t like cluttered setups.

Deepak Mahakale

As we can see, Deepak has a simple workstation. He believes in effortless setups mostly.

Rohit Joshi

Rohit has a thing for alluring decors and it’s well portrayed through his workspace.

Vikrant Patel

Vikrant likes to work with a pleasant view, even it’s from his window.

Ajinkya Deskmukh

Ajinkya does not believe in lavish workspaces. He likes to keep it simple and comfortable.

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