Breaking changes in Cypress 10.0

Cypress released their much-awaited version 10.0 last month. It came with new features such as component testing and a new cypress app with beautiful UI and new features which will improve the developer experience.

Along with the new features and bugfixes, this version also came with a few breaking changes. In this blog, we will cover some of those major changes.

Cypress.config.js to be a default config file

In the earlier versions, when we opened Cypress for the first time in a project, it used to create a cypress.json configuration file. This file was used to store any configuration values that we supplied.

With Cypress version 10.0 onwards, using ‘cypress.json’ will not be supported. It will be replaced with a ‘cypress.config.js’ file.

Also, an error will be thrown if both ‘cypress.json’ and ‘cypress.config.js’ files are found.

Cypress configuration file is now mandatory

A cypress configuration file is now required and if we pass flag --config-file=false it will throw an error.

Removed integrationFolder and componentFolder

From version 10.0 onwards integrationFolder, componentFolder, testFiles were removed and replaced by specPattern. These configuration options are now specific to e2e or component testing.

Removed run all specs option

The ability to Run all specs and Run filtered specs have been removed while running the cypress specs in a GUI, using cypress open.

To know more about the changes in this version check out the link.

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