Articles by Prateek Choudhary

Rails 7 ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore now accepts an explicit nil for addresses argument

Those migrating from :dalli_store to :mem_cache_store can now pass an explicit nil for its addresses argument.

How to investigate your build size in Webpack

Let us look at a few handy tools that can help us in analyzing and reducing our bundle size.

Ruby adds experimental support for end-less method definition

Ruby has added a new experimental syntax for defining single-line methods without using the end keyword.

Using Optimizer Hints in Rails

Optimizer Hints allows us to control the query optimizer of a database system. Rails 6 has added support to provide Optimizer Hints.

Ruby Hash#transform_keys now accepts a hash that maps existing keys to new keys

Ruby Hash#transform_keys now also accepts a hash that maps the existing hash keys to new keys

Ruby 2.7 removes taint checking mechanism

Ruby 2.7 access and setting of $SAFE is now always warned. $SAFE will become a normal global variable in Ruby 3.0

Rails 6.1 adds query method missing to find orphan records

Rails 6.1 adds ActiveRecord::Relation#missing query method to find orphan records

Dir#glob and Dir#[] no longer allow NUL-separated glob pattern in Ruby 2.7

Ruby 2.7 prohibits the problematic '\0' separated string as the parameter for Dir#glob and Dir#[]

Who was hiring at RubyConf 2019?

List of companies hiring at RubyConf 2019 organized in Nashville.

Rails 6 adds Purpose Metadata to Cookies

Rails 6 adds purpose metadata to cookies to prevent attackers from copying the value of one cookie and use it for another.

Rails 6 removes Action View helper image_alt

Rails 6 removes the deprecated `image_alt` helper from Action View.

Rails 6.1 adds HTTP Feature Policy

Rails 6.1 has added support for configuring the Feature-Policy HTTP header which allows us to control certain Web APIs and browser features like camera, geolocation, etc.