Rails 7.1 Allows ActiveRecord::Relation#explain To Accept Options

Adding analyze and verbose as ActiveRecord::Relation#explain options give us deeper insight into query performance.

Rails 7.1 Introduces ActiveRecord regroup Method

With regroup and regroup! methods we can override the group_values

Rails 7.1 allows resetting singular associations

Query database again to retrieve the associated record by resetting the cache on singular associations.

Rails 7.1 Introduces Option To Disable All Methods That ActiveRecord.enum Generates

Disable auto generated methods of ActiveRecord.enum with instance_methods by passing false to it.

Rails 7.1 Allows ActiveRecord reselect Query Method To Accept Hash

Use of hash syntax for specifying columns and aliases with the ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#reselect method makes it easier for querying.

Rails 7.1 Expands ActiveRecord API with Async Query Support

With the Active Record API for general async queries we can efficiently query not so fast queries asynchronously to improve the performance.

Rails 7.1 Introduces ActiveRecord::Base::generates_token_for

Generate tokens for specific purposes and verify their authenticity.

Rails 7.1 Introduces ActiveRecord::Base::Normalization

Normalization allows us to define custom normalization rules for attributes in our model. This feature is particularly helpful for ensuring that specific attributes are consistently formatted or transformed before they are saved to the database.

Rails adds the ability to ignore tables in SQL schema dumps via regular expressions

Ignore tables by configuring regular expressions on ActiveRecord::SchemaDumper.

ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#select adds support for hash values in Rails 7.1

ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#select adds support for hash values in Rails 7.1