Rails 7.1.2 now ignores implicitly passed locals in templates that use strict local definitions

Templates that use strict locals can not accept anything other than those defined. This previously raised exceptions for implicitly passed locals that a user is unaware of.

Rails 7.1 Allows ActiveRecord::Relation#explain To Accept Options

Adding analyze and verbose as ActiveRecord::Relation#explain options give us deeper insight into query performance.

Rails 7.1 Introduces ActiveRecord regroup Method

With regroup and regroup! methods we can override the group_values

Rails 7.1 allows resetting singular associations

Query database again to retrieve the associated record by resetting the cache on singular associations.

Rails 7.1 Introduces Option To Disable All Methods That ActiveRecord.enum Generates

Disable auto generated methods of ActiveRecord.enum with instance_methods by passing false to it.

ActiveStorage now pre-processes PDFs and videos

Rails now pre-processes previewable files such as PDFs and videos. Previously it only pre-processed images.

Rails 7.1 Adds path_params Option For url_for Helper Method

path_params allows specified params to be used exclusively for named segments under scoped routing without unnecessarily appending parameters to every URL.

Rails 7.1 Introduced Validate Option For Enums

Rails 7.1 added a validate option for enums, which will allow developers to validate the passed enum values before saving it.

Rails 7.1 Allows ActiveRecord reselect Query Method To Accept Hash

Use of hash syntax for specifying columns and aliases with the ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#reselect method makes it easier for querying.

Rails 7.1 Introduces Default Dockerfiles

Dockerfiles facilitate the deployment of Rails applications in production environments using Docker.