Ruby 2.7 adds FrozenError#receiver

Ruby 2.7 has added `FrozenError#receiver` to return the frozen object on which modification was attempted

Ruby 2.7 adds Time#ceil and Time#floor methods

Ruby 2.7 adds Time#ceil and Time#floor methods to round up and down the decimal part of Time (nanosecond) to the specified digit

Ruby 2.7 adds beginless range

A beginless range is experimentally introduced in ruby 2.7.

Ruby 2.7 adds Enumerable#filter_map

Ruby 2.7 has added Enumerable#filter_map as a shorthand for filter + map in a single call

Ruby 2.7 adds Enumerable#tally

Ruby 2.7 has added Enumerable#tally. It helps to tally occurrences of elements in an Enumerable.

Ruby 2.7 adds shorthand operator for Object#method

Ruby 2.7 adds experimental shorthand operator for Object#method. Allows method object access using :, example File.:basename