First Week Experience at Saeloun

I joined on 1st December 2021, Wednesday.

My first day at Saeloun involved onboarding tasks like sending personal details, submitting documents, creating accounts, etc. It all went smooth, thanks to HR for making it so streamlined. A unique aspect of the onboarding was that it took place via chat on slack. After onboarding, I had a meeting with the Program Lead, where I got assigned to an assessment, and she briefed me about its requirements. Next, I had a meeting with my mentor, who helped me understand the assessment, in detail. Apart from this, we also have a daily standup to connect with our mentor and Program Lead for sharing our daily updates and deciding upon the action items.

Things I did in the last four days

On the first day, I couldn’t do much work. It was confusing, and I had almost 15+ tabs opened in my browser. However, eventually, things got stable, and I began to get the hang of it. On the second day, I spent most of my time reading documents and installing guides about Rubocop, EsLint, Husky, Prettier, etc. I also read the ruby on rails(ROR) guide for an in-depth understanding of the language and its usage. Later that day, I started working on the assessment and created a new rails app. On the third day, I installed all the linting and formatting tools and continued reading the ROR guide, along with a few other resources and blogs. On the fourth day, I set up the Rspec and GitHub action as a part of my assessment.


Overall, I had an exciting and grounding experience. I got introduced to several new frameworks and terminologies, like setting up the environment to the organization standards, adding tools such as EsLint, Prettier, and Rubocop. I also learned how to use the CI tool GitHub Action and other interesting tasks.

Apart from this, everything here has been great so far. Everyone in the team is very supportive and accountable. I must say that the work culture here is very motivating, as it focuses more on the learning aspect than just the completion of tasks.

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