Saeloun's Company Retreat to Goa

Our team at Saeloun thought of no better way of celebrating the company’s 3rd anniversary than a wholesome office retreat to Goa. Another major motive was to foster bonding among team members. As we are a remote company working from different parts of the world, a company trip sounded like an amazing plan to break through the remote team dynamics and hit the refresh button.

Not to mention, it was a huge success. We witnessed a boost in company morale and our new employees, especially the freshers got an opportunity to bond with the entire Saeloun team. So, without much ado, let’s dive right in and unravel some of the best moments we had in Goa.

Day 1

It was a 3-day trip and all our team members landed safely in Goa on the 1st of April, and since then, there was no looking back. Our accommodation was pre-booked in Novotel, Candolim. It was a beautiful venue to stay at, with spacious rooms and quality service. On our first evening, we traveled to Panjim and had our yacht party. It was a mesmerizing evening, with mellow music, good food, cool breeze, where we sailed across the Arabian sea for a good 4 hours. That’s when our team got a great chance to connect with each other, talk about diverse stuff, play some fun games, and know each other better. Not only that, but we also let each other guess what each team member‘s personality is like, and bestowed them with that title. There were numerous titles such as ‘Most Creative Person’, ‘Best Blogger’, ‘Early Riser’, and so on.

Next, our bus rode us to the W lounge where we had some delicious meals and partied together. It was a wonderful night when we finally broke out of all sorts of formalities and let ourselves loose. That’s how we ended our first day in Goa.

Day 2

The next afternoon, we went to Candolim Beach, played tons of games, did photoshoots, clicked myriad group photos, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. The magic of the sky filled with pink and purple hues was just not something we could have overlooked. It was wonderful. Exhausted and delighted at the same time, we traveled back to our hotel rooms, had dinner, and took some rest.

Later, that night, we went to SinQ club and had a gala time together. It was a great place with the ultimate North Goa vibe where we danced the whole night.

Day 3

The next day, i.e. 3rd of April, it was finally time for us to bid adieu to this awesome retreat in Goa. We had our breakfast in the hotel, and chatted with each other for hours. Our team bonded with each other so quickly that parting ways and going back to the remote set-up was a little hard. Nonetheless, it’s the memories that we live for, that will be stacked into our minds for good.

Finally, we packed our bags, and left for the airport.

When it comes to managing remote teams, it is extremely important to make every member feel a part of the group and integrated. The Goa retreat was a success in building a sense of community and connection among our remote team members. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we had in Goa as it was one of a kind, and definitely, the best.

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