A Memorable Company Retreat

​ Company retreats are not just about team building; they’re about forging bonds, creating memories, and taking a break from the daily grind. Our recent company retreat to Karjat, where we stayed at the beautiful Euphoria Villa by Stay Vista, was nothing short of unforgettable. With a group of 16 colleagues, we embarked on a journey filled with laughter, games, discussions, and mouthwatering food and drinks. ​

The Perfect Setting: Euphoria Villa

​ Euphoria Villa, nestled in the scenic mountains of Karjat, provided the ideal backdrop for our retreat. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking a small rivulet, this luxurious villa became our home away from home. With its spacious rooms, cozy living room, and stunning views, it was the perfect place for us to unwind and bond. ​

Euphoria Villa by Stay Vista Euphoria Villa by Stay Vista

Fun and Games

​ From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere was electric with excitement. Our retreat kicked off with a fun introduction session, where each of us shared interesting facts about ourselves. It was a fantastic icebreaker that set the tone for the rest of the trip. ​ One of the highlights of our retreat was the hilarious game of dumb charades, where we showcased our acting skills and decoding abilities. The laughter that filled the room during this game was contagious. ​ As night descended upon us, we divided into teams for an intense game of Mafia, a game of strategy and deception that had everyone on the edge of their seats. We got our running “ho” and “1947” inside jokes! ​ Amidst all the fun and games, we also found time for some serious discussions, or at least, discussions on seemingly unimportant topics. We debated about the differences between Generation Z and millennials, sharing our perspectives and experiences. ​ Next morning, we decided to explore the surrounding area on foot. We took a leisurely walk to a small cave and then ventured to the dam backwaters. The serene beauty of the place was a stark contrast to our previous days of excitement, offering a quiet and reflective experience. ​ ​

​ Our evenings were filled with card games, a sizzling barbeque, and competitive matches of foosball and carrom. The villa’s well-equipped game room kept us entertained for hours, and the friendly rivalries that developed only strengthened our bonds. ​ One of the most memorable moments was the Shepherd and Sheep game, where few of us played the role of shepherds, while the rest were sheep. It was a comical and chaotic game that had us in stitches. ​ We also indulged in a friendly “fun with balls” competition. One of the most adventurous moments of our retreat happened spontaneously when we decided to play a game of cricket in the drizzling rain. ​ No retreat is complete without delicious food and drinks. We were treated to a mouthwatering spread of local and national cuisines, including a sumptuous barbeque night. Our bar was fully stocked and ensured that our glasses were never empty, and the evenings were filled with laughter, stories, and camaraderie. ​

Bidding Audie

​ Our company retreat to Karjat’s Euphoria Villa was an unforgettable experience that brought us closer together as a team. It was a perfect blend of fun, games, discussions, and relaxation in a breathtaking setting. As we returned to our daily routines, we carried with us not only cherished memories but also stronger connections with our colleagues. It’s safe to say that this retreat was a resounding success, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next one. ​ ​

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