Articles by Manmeet Singh

Infinite Auto Scroll using Turbo only ( No Stimulus / No Javascript )

Infinite Auto Scroll on Rails 7 using only Turbo Frames and Turbo Streams without a Single line of Javascript.

Caching Gems with Docker Multi-Stage build

Docker Multi-Stage Builds allow copying of files from registries and can be used to speed up builds by adding Gem Caches

3 Fundamental Design Principles that 99% Apps / Sites get wrong

Visual Contrast, Visual Hierarchy and Minimal design are 3 Design Principles that are missing or poorly implmented on Apps / Websites

Remove Personal Identifiable Information(PII) from Data using AWS DMS

Remove Personal Identifiable Information ( PII ) from database with continuous changes

Rails 7 allows setting cache expiry, as an absolute timestamp

With the introduction of expires_at to Rails Cache it is now possible to set absolute timestamps for cache expiry.

Rails 7 MySQL adapter improves the security of untyped bound values

MySQL adapter in Rails 7 casts numbers and booleans to string to avoid security vulnerabilities.

Ruby 3.1 introduces pattern matching pin operator against expression

Ruby 3.1 adds support for the expression and range when using the pattern matching pin operator.

Rails 7 allows passing raw SQL as `on_duplicate` value to `#upsert_all`

Rails 7 allow passing raw SQL statements to `on_duplicate` and `returning` option as value to ActiveRecord `#upsert_all` method.