Onkar Hasabe

I'm a passionate and driven ReactJS / NodeJs developer with 3 years of experience in building user interfaces and web applications. My expertise lies in creating fast, user-friendly applications that provide seamless user experiences. Born and raised in Sangli, I like traveling and photography.
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What's new in Vite 4?

Vite 4 is released 5 months after releasing Vite 3. The new version is motivated by the breaking upgrade from Rollup 2 to Rollup 3. Let's have a look over this and other updates.
authorImg Onkar Hasabe

When to use the two hooks - useCallback and useMemo?

useCallback hook and useMemo hook are used for performance improvising, where useCallback hook returns memoized function and useMemo returns memoized value.
authorImg Onkar Hasabe

React custom infinite scroll with pagination

React custom infinite scroll with pagination helps developers to improve performance of the website.