Rails 6 adds db:seed:replant task

Rails 6 adds db:seed:replant task that truncates tables of each database for the current environment and then loads the seed data.

Rails 6 adds dig method to ActionDispatch::Request::Session

Rails 6 has added dig method to ActionDispatch::Request::Session to easily traverse session object's nested hashes

Rails 6 - Custom Serializers for ActiveJob arguments

Rails 6 introduces ability to provide custom serialization of ActiveJob arguments.

Rails 6 adds Hash#deep_transform_values and Hash#deep_transform_values!

Rails 6 has added Hash#deep_transform_values and Hash#deep_transform_values! to allow performing deep value transformations on a nested hash

Rails 6 adds support for disabling database advisory locks

Rails 6 adds support for database configuration to disable advisory locks

Rails 6 upgrades to rails notes command and introduction of Rails::Command::NotesCommand

Rails 6 introduces several upgrades to rails notes command and adds Rails::Command::NotesCommand to be used by rake notes under the hood.

Rails 6 adds touch_all method to ActiveRecord::Relation

Rails 6 has added touch_all method to ActiveRecord::Relation to update the updated_at timestamp of multiple records at once.

Rails 6 adds Array#extract!

Rails 6 adds Array#extract! to remove and return the elements for which the block returns a true value.

Rails 6 - I18n key support for submit_tag key

Rails 6 adds I18n style locale key support to submit tag

Rails 6 adds Relation#extract_associated

Rails 6 adds `ActiveRecord::Relation#extract_associated` for extracting associated records from a relation.