ActiveStorage now pre-processes PDFs and videos

Rails now pre-processes previewable files such as PDFs and videos. Previously it only pre-processed images.

Rails 7.1 Adds path_params Option For url_for Helper Method

path_params allows specified params to be used exclusively for named segments under scoped routing without unnecessarily appending parameters to every URL.

Rails 7.1 Introduced Validate Option For Enums

Rails 7.1 added a validate option for enums, which will allow developers to validate the passed enum values before saving it.

Rails 7.1 Allows ActiveRecord reselect Query Method To Accept Hash

Use of hash syntax for specifying columns and aliases with the ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#reselect method makes it easier for querying.

Optimizing System Performance by Implementing a Dual Database Setup in Rails

Implementing a Replica Database solution, the article highlights overcoming system strain with a dual DB approach, ensuring streamlined operations and improved performance efficiency

Rails 7.1 Introduces Default Dockerfiles

Dockerfiles facilitate the deployment of Rails applications in production environments using Docker.

Rails 7.1 Adds ActiveJob#perform_all_later To Enqueue Multiple Jobs At Once

perform_all_later allows us to enqueue multiple jobs that belong to different classes simultaneously within ActiveJob.

Rails 7.1 Expands ActiveRecord API with Async Query Support

With the Active Record API for general async queries we can efficiently query not so fast queries asynchronously to improve the performance.

Integrate Google Calendar API into rails application

Read about how we can integrate Google Calendar API.

Rails 7.1 Adds Support for MessagePack as Message Serializer

MessagePack is now supported in Rails 7.1, this new serializer enables the generation of smaller payloads and significantly faster serialization and deserialization compared to other serializers.