Secure CSRF Token Storage in Rails 7 using Encrypted Cookies

Introduction of Rails 7 feature to store CSRF tokens outside of the session such as in encrypted cookies.

Simplifying DOM Element Generation in Rails with the Enhanced dom_id Method

Learn how the recent enhancement to the Rails `dom_id` method allows developers to generate both an ID and a class for an element in a single line of code

Rails adds Rails.env.local? to determine its current environment

Rails adds the ability to identify whether the current environment is the local development environment with the help of `Rails.env.local?`

Rails adds the ability to ignore tables in SQL schema dumps via regular expressions

Ignore tables by configuring regular expressions on ActiveRecord::SchemaDumper.

Rails optimizes ActiveRecord batching for whole table iterations

Response times for batch queries have significantly improved by moving to a range-based iteration strategy.

Enumerable#many? now forwards all block parameters

When used in conjunction with each_with_index Enumerable#many? does not forward index parameter unlike Enumerable#any?.

Rails now supports routes prefixed with word cable

Rails improved its support for routes which helps us to navigate to routes prefixed with word cable which were throwing 404 errors before.

Rails serializes store data as a regular hash instead of using HWIA

Serializing store objects with ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess is both a wasteful and an insecure option. Instead Rails now encodes store as a regular hash and casts it back to HWIA before accessing.

Rails 7.1 adds include_seconds option to datetime_field.

Rails now allows to omit seconds part in the input field by adding the include_seconds option to datetime_field

Pending migrations now show path instead of filename

Rails warns users of pending migrations now by showing the path of the migration file, instead of just the name. This is useful in multi-db applications.