Next.js vs. Remix - A Developer's Dilemma

Both Next.js and Remix are highly sought-after frameworks for constructing contemporary web applications using React, yet they diverge in their methodologies and principles. This article aims to assist developers in selecting the optimal framework by comparing various aspects such as routing, data flow, and data mutation strategies.

Memo vs. useMemo: When to use each for better React performance?

Ever wondered when to use React.memo and useMemo? This in-depth guide clarifies their differences and shows how to leverage them for optimal performance.

From Headscratchers to Heroes - Demystifying Closures in React

React has a secret superpower - Closures! They're like hidden helpers that make React's coolest features work smoothly. In this blog, we'll learn how closures secretly make React awesome!

Zustand or Redux, which one is the best choice?

This blog explores Zustand and Redux for React state management, highlighting Zustand's simplicity and Redux's suitability for complex projects.

React state management - useReducer vs Redux

This blog explores useReducer vs Redux, delving into their definitions, use cases, code samples and when to choose each for efficient state management.

Deciding which state management to use: opting between useContext and Redux

In this article, we will explore two effective strategies for managing state in React apps: the useContext hook and Redux Toolkit. The article provides practical code examples for both the useContext hook and Redux Toolkit, and it discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and best-fit scenarios for each approach.

An In-Depth Look at React Server Components!

This blog post will thoroughly explore the necessity, advantages, architecture, implementation, and constraints associated with React Server components.

React error handling with react-error-boundary

React error boundaries provide a way to gracefully handle runtime errors and prevent them from crashing the entire application.

Smooth Scrolling to an Element using scrollIntoView in React with a Fixed Header

Fixed headers are a popular design choice for websites. However, scrolling to an element that includes a fixed header can present several challenges. In this blog post, we will discuss how to overcome these challenges and scroll smoothly to elements with fixed headers.

Writing re-usable code with React Composition

React Composition helps make our code more efficient, and easier to maintain and update in the long run. Instead of relying on one big component to do everything, we break it down into smaller parts, so we can reuse them in other places, and build even more complex components.