Rails 7 adds support for setting the schema dump filepath in the database config

Schema dumps can now be toggled and dump filepaths can be set for individual database shards.

Rails 7 allows permitting numeric params

Rails 7 eliminates the issue of permitting nested hash. Now required attributes can be permitted by calling the permit method directly on the parent hash.

Sneak peak into the workstation of Saeloun team!

Saeloun has been remote since it started. We asked our team to share a photograph of their workstation.

Measuring and Optimizing Performance of a Rails application.

A comparative analysis of the performance metrics before and after completing the scale tests.

Improve the performance of dropdown containing large data using Virtualization

Super large lists can slow down the site's performance significantly, at times even freeze the application. In such situations windowing (or virtualization) comes to the rescue.

Rails provides better ActiveRecord enum assertions

ActiveRecord now explicitly checks if the enum values are empty by raising an ArgumentError.

Ruby Fibers 101

Ruby 3 focuses more on concurrency with the introduction of Ruby Fibers and the Fiber Scheduler Interface.

ECMAScript 2022 introduces at() method in Array, String, TypedArray

The at() method takes an integer value and returns the element at that index. It allows both positive and negative integers. Negative integers denote counting back from the last item in the array.

Rails adds support for Fiber-safe ActiveRecord ConnectionPools

ActiveRecord's ConnectionPool is now fiber-safe! Adjust the value of config.active_support.isolation_level to either rely on threads or fibers to give a better throughput on fiber-oriented servers like Falcon.

Part 1- Redesigning Saeloun's Website (Messaging)

Redefining target audience, brandscript, and overall messaging of our website.