Using Condenser for subsetting databases and removing PII

Learn how to use Condenser for subsetting database and PII removal using Postgres and MySQL.

Rails 7 adds `config.action_text.attachment_tag_name`

Rails 7 adds support for setting `config.action_text.attachment_tag_name` to replace the actiontext's default attachment HTML tag name to a custom string.

My second week at Saeloun as an apprentice

Overview of the assignment from second week

Creating Visual Identity - Moodboard

Creating Visual Identity by collecting images that resonate with our brand to form a moodboard

React 18 provides useId API for generating unique IDs on both the client and server

React 18 introduces a new hook API - useId, that generates stable ids during server rendering and hydration to avoid mismatches.

Rails 7 adds caching? and uncachable! helper

Starting with Rails 7, we can add caching? helper to check whether the current code path is being cached and uncacheable! helper to avoid fragment caching.

Rails 7 adds :day_format option to date_select

Now format how the day looks in a date select dropdown using `day_format`.

My first week at Saeloun as an apprentice

How my first week went?

Our first step to creating brand guidelines - Brand sprint

How we conducted virtual brand sprint, and what we discovered about our brand?

First Week Experience at Saeloun

Things I did in First Week