Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022

On 22 June 2022, the 123rd Ecma General Assembly approved the ECMAScript 2022 language specification, .

It means that ECMAScript 2022 features are officially a standard now!

The list of all the features in ECMAScript 2022 is as below -

  1. Class Fields ( Private instance methods and accessors, Class Public Instance Fields & Private Instance Fields, Static class fields and private static methods)

  2. Ergonomic brand checks for Private Fields

  3. Class Static Block

  4. Top-level await

  5. RegExp Match Indices

  6. Object.hasOwn()

  7. Addition of .at() method in Array, String, TypedArray

  8. Error Cause

My talk from React Bangalore, a couple of months ago compiled all the features in ECMAScript 2022. It also gives a brief about the backstory of ECMAScript, explains the TC39 Process and walks through each feature code snippet.

Here is the talk link -

Other useful links -

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  2. Slides
  3. ECMAScript 2022 feature Blogs

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