Ajinkya Deshmukh

Ajinkya is a Frontend Developer.
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Control the specificity and order of styles with CSS Cascading Layers

Cascading layers is a new feature in CSS to maintain and order the stylesheet in which we can cascade and organize the CSS more efficiently.
authorImg Ajinkya Deshmukh

Taking control of scroll with CSS Overscroll Behavior and Scroll Snap

Improve the scroll bar behavior with CSS properties 'overscroll-behavior' and 'scroll snap'.
authorImg Ajinkya Deshmukh

ECMAScript2021 adds new features WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry

ECMAScript2021 introduces new features WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry to manage garbage collection.
authorImg Ajinkya Deshmukh

React DevTools adds a feature to trigger an error boundary, making testing easier

A new enhancement in React DevTools provides a toggle error button to test Error Boundaries.