Articles by Jijo Bose

Ruby 3.1 adds try_convert method to Integer class for implicit conversions

try_convert for Integer will convert the object into an instance of the class via the implicit conversion method to_int and returns nil if no implicit conversion method is defined.

Babel 7.14 enables class fields & private methods by default in @babel/preset-env

Starting from Babel 7.14 @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties and @babel/plugin-proposal-private-methods plugins are enabled by default in @babel/preset-env.

Rails 7 ensures has_one autosave association callbacks get called once

In Rails 7, the autosave association callbacks for the has_one are non-cyclic.

Ruby 3.1 evaluates multiple assignments from left to right

Ruby changes the evaluation order for multiple assignments from left to right making it consistent with single assignment evaluation order.