ECMAScript2021 adds new features WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry

ECMAScript2021 introduces new features WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry to manage garbage collection.

Normalizing Redux state to ensure good performance in React apps

In complex applications, client apps have to store and manage a large amount of nested data, and if the data is not normalized, it can be incredibly time-consuming for a program to lookup nested data which could become a performance concern.

ECMAScript 2021 introduces Promise.any() and AggregateError

ECMAScript 2021 introduces Promise.any() method which accepts an iterable of promises and waits for the first promise to fulfill, and its result becomes the outcome. If all the passed promises are rejected, it returns an AggregateError.

ECMAScript 2021 introduces replaceAll method and numeric separators

ECMAScript 2021 introduces the replaceAll() method to replace all occurrences of a substring in a string with another string and numeric separators to allow a separator character between digits.

Babel 7.14 enables class fields & private methods by default in @babel/preset-env

Starting from Babel 7.14 @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties and @babel/plugin-proposal-private-methods plugins are enabled by default in @babel/preset-env.

ES 12/2021 introduces new logical assignment operators

ES 12/2021 introduces new logical assignment operators for nullish(??=), AND(&&=) and OR(||=).

How to investigate your build size in Webpack

Let us look at a few handy tools that can help us in analyzing and reducing our bundle size.