Rails 7 now accepts "html" and "screenshot" kwargs for system test screenshot helper

Pass in parameters to take_screenshot to choose an output format between image and HTML file.

Rails adds beginless range support to clusivity

Rails now adds support to include the beginless range in active record inclusivity/exclusivity validators.

The Ultimate Guide to Gemfile and Gemfile.lock

In-depth overview of what a Gemfile is and how a Gemfile works.

Infinite Auto Scroll using Turbo only ( No Stimulus / No Javascript )

Infinite Auto Scroll on Rails 7 using only Turbo Frames and Turbo Streams without a Single line of Javascript.

Ruby introduces Regexp.timeout

Ruby introduces the Regexp.timeout feature to prevent the unexpectedly Regexp matching and risk of DoS.

Rails 6 bulk insert records

Rails 6 adds insert_all and upsert_all methods to ActiveRecord

Rails avoids queries when performing calculations on contradictory relation

Rails now avoids making a query to the database if the calculation contains a contradictory relation

Caching Gems with Docker Multi-Stage build

Docker Multi-Stage Builds allow copying of files from registries and can be used to speed up builds by adding Gem Caches

Overuse of Rails engines

In this post, we will see how the overuse of engines could lead to some serious issues.

Rails adds --js alias to --javascript

Rails now provides support to choose a javascript approach using --js alias