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I'm a React and Rails enthusiast with two years of experience creating innovative software solutions that improve business productivity. I work well in teams and am always up for challenging projects. Born and raised in Navi Mumbai, I enjoy gaming and travelling in my free time.
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Rails 7.1 Now Allows ErrorReporter To Handle Several Error Classes

Rails introduces handle method for ErrorReporter API
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Rails 7.1 now allows matching exception messages to assert_raises assertion.

Check the exception and the message raised by rails or custom errors in tests together with assert_raises in a single line.
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Using quarter method by rails

Get quarter of the date provided for the current year or the custom year.
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Adding table names to error for duplicate column names

Table name is shown in the error when duplicate columns for the same table is entered while creating it.
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Restoring data using papertrail.

PaperTrail is a very useful tool, but did you know it can help restore the deleted records as well?
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Learn about tree shaking in Webpack 5

Tree shaking is a technique used by webpack to optimize the builds for production and reducing the build size by shaking off the dead code from its branches (modules).