Rails adds the ability to prevent unwarranted shard swapping

Rails provides the config option ActiveRecord::Base.prohibit_shard_swapping that prevents swapping of database shards.

Rails 7 adds optional transaction arguments to with_lock

With Rails 7 we can pass transaction arguments like isolation, joinable, etc directly to with_lock

Rails loads ActionCable via Zeitwerk

Zeitwerk is a new thread-safe code loader introduced in Rails 6. Now, ActionCable and other related modules are loaded via Zeitwerk.

Rails 7: Action Text: forward form: option to hidden input

Add support for accessing the form as a property of the element.

Rails conforms to destroy_association_async_job config when destroying asynchronously

Rails no longer ignores the configuration option destroy_association_async_job when destroying objects with destroy_async option.

Rails 7 adds support for setting the schema dump filepath in the database config

Schema dumps can now be toggled and dump filepaths can be set for individual database shards.

Rails 7 allows permitting numeric params

Rails 7 eliminates the issue of permitting nested hash. Now required attributes can be permitted by calling the permit method directly on the parent hash.

Rails provides better ActiveRecord enum assertions

ActiveRecord now explicitly checks if the enum values are empty by raising an ArgumentError.

Rails adds support for Fiber-safe ActiveRecord ConnectionPools

ActiveRecord's ConnectionPool is now fiber-safe! Adjust the value of config.active_support.isolation_level to either rely on threads or fibers to give a better throughput on fiber-oriented servers like Falcon.

Rails 7 introduces only_numeric option within numericality validator

With Rails 7, only_numeric option can be used for the numericality validator.