Set And Restore Public Attributes Around a Block Using Object#with

We can use Object#with method as shorthand for the common begin/ensure pattern to save the value of an attribute, setting a new value, and then restoring the previous value.

Open Ranges Are Now Supported By The Object#in? Method In Rails

We can use Object#in? method to check open date ranges i.e. beginless and endless ranges.

Introducing Line Range Filtering in Rails 7.1 Testing

Rails 7.1 introduces line range filtering for running specific tests within a test file based on line numbers.

Rails 7.1 Store secret_key_base In Credentials For Local Environment

In upcoming Rails 7.1 secret_key_base will be stored in credentials instead of secrets, as secrets has been deprecated in favour of credentials

Integrate Replicate in Rails Application

Integrate Replicate in Rails application and effortlessly run various machine learning models in the cloud using Replicate

Sort Your Rails Models By The Order of their Associations

Sort your Rails models by the order of their belongs_to associations using ActiveRecord::Reflection.

Rails 7.1 now allows matching exception messages to assert_raises assertion.

Check the exception and the message raised by rails or custom errors in tests together with assert_raises in a single line.

picture_tag helper in Rails

Support for picture_tag helper in Rails. Its usage, advantages, and use cases.

Rails.env.local? in Rails 7.1

Rails.env.local? was introduced in Rails 7.1. This post explores its usage.

Rails 7.1 extends enum support for Postgres adapter

Rails 7.1 extends support to rename enum, add enum value and rename enum value for Postgres adapter