Rails 6.1 adds HTTP Feature Policy

Rails 6.1 has added support for configuring the Feature-Policy HTTP header which allows us to control certain Web APIs and browser features like camera, geolocation, etc.

Rails 6 adds db:seed:replant task

Rails 6 adds db:seed:replant task that truncates tables of each database for the current environment and then loads the seed data.

Ruby 2.7 adds Integer#[] to support range values

Ruby 2.7 has extended `Integer#[]` to support range arguments which makes expressions cleaner and more readable

What's new in Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB) with Ruby 2.7

List of new and experimental features in the Interactive Ruby Shell(IRB) which are introduced with Ruby 2.7.

Ruby 2.7 adds Module#const_source_location

Ruby 2.7 has added Module#const_source_location to get the source location of a constant

How to start with Software Consulting or Freelancing

How to get started with Software Consulting or Software Freelancing. First steps, ongoing work and more.

Rails 6 adds dig method to ActionDispatch::Request::Session

Rails 6 has added dig method to ActionDispatch::Request::Session to easily traverse session object's nested hashes

Rails 6 - Custom Serializers for ActiveJob arguments

Rails 6 introduces ability to provide custom serialization of ActiveJob arguments.

Rails 6 adds Hash#deep_transform_values and Hash#deep_transform_values!

Rails 6 has added Hash#deep_transform_values and Hash#deep_transform_values! to allow performing deep value transformations on a nested hash

Rails 6 adds support for disabling database advisory locks

Rails 6 adds support for database configuration to disable advisory locks