How to configure a Next.js app with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS?

A step-by-step guide on how to build a Next.js application with Typescript and Tailwind CSS

Rails 7 adds accepts_nested_attributes_for support for delegated_type

With Rails 7, accepts_nested_attributes_for can be used for delegated_type

Rails 7 now allows automatic inverse_of detection for associations with scopes

This update ensures that "inverse_of" takes into consideration the relevant scope when calculating the object to store in memory.

Tips to make React application more accessible

Making web applications accessible to all the users is an important aspect to be considered while developing. React fully supports building accessible websites, often by using standard HTML techniques.

Rails introduces ActiveRecord::Persistence#update_attribute!

While update_attribute was used to bypass validations, update_attribute! now does the same but raises ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved in case of any errors encountered in `before_*` callbacks.

Rails 7 now introduces support for generated columns with Postgres

Rails 7 now adds support for generated (virtual) columns to the PostgreSQL adapter that has been available since PSQL v12.

Typography - Creating our Visual Identity

Part 3 of our Visual Identity series involves Typography that expresses the personality of our company, its values and emotions.

Deep dive into the new Suspense Server-side Rendering ( SSR ) architecture in React 18

The new SSR foundation allows us to combine streaming server-side rendering with a new approach to hydration - Selective Hydration! It also prioritizes hydrating the parts the user is interacting with, creating an illusion of instant hydration.

Rails 7 renders accurate plain text output for nested fields

Plain text rendering of nested fields now reserves indentation.

Rails 7 allows setting timestamps on insert_all/upsert_all record creation

All relevant timestamp columns (`created_at`, `created_on`, `updated_at`, `updated_on`) are now set via ActiveRecord when using mass insertion queries.