Ruby 2.7 adds FrozenError#receiver

Ruby 2.7 has added `FrozenError#receiver` to return the frozen object on which modification was attempted

Rails 6 adds touch_all method to ActiveRecord::Relation

Rails 6 has added touch_all method to ActiveRecord::Relation to update the updated_at timestamp of multiple records at once.

Running scheduled jobs in multiple timezones using clockwork

Scheduling background jobs in multiple timezones with clockwork

Ruby 2.7 adds Time#ceil and Time#floor methods

Ruby 2.7 adds Time#ceil and Time#floor methods to round up and down the decimal part of Time (nanosecond) to the specified digit

Ruby 2.7 adds beginless range

A beginless range is experimentally introduced in ruby 2.7.

Rails 6 adds Array#extract!

Rails 6 adds Array#extract! to remove and return the elements for which the block returns a true value.

Rails 6 - I18n key support for submit_tag key

Rails 6 adds I18n style locale key support to submit tag

Rails 6 adds Relation#extract_associated

Rails 6 adds `ActiveRecord::Relation#extract_associated` for extracting associated records from a relation.

Rails 6: Introduces explicitly adding rails server handler option

Rails 6 introduced --using or -u option for specifying the rails server

Rails 6 sms link helper

Rails 6.1.0 adds support for sms_to helper, which renders SMS anchor link tag, which when clicked pops open user's SMS client targetting the specified phone number.