Articles by Swaathi Kakarla

Rails 7 adds the ability to schedule the query on the background thread pool

Rails 7 adds the ability to push database queries to the background thread pool, effectively reducing load times by utilizing I/O waits.

Rails 7 adds direct ActiveStorage::Streaming support

Rails 7 adds a method to stream directly from your own controllers.

Rails 6.1 adds ActiveRecord methods `#sole` and `#find_sole_by`

Rails 6.1 adds ActiveRecord methods `#sole` and `#find_sole_by` to uniquely match only one record in a database.

Rails 6.1 adds config option to control image_tag loading attribute

Rails 6.1 adds a config option to set a default value for the loading attribute of all image_tags. This is in line with the latest official HTML standard.

Rails form_with now defaults to non-remote forms

Rails form generation helper, "form_with" defaulted to remote forms previously. This would confuse beginners who would expect an HTML response to be rendered. Now, you can configure the default response type.