Part 3 - Redesigning Saeloun's Website ( Information Architecture )

Learn about the changes we made to improve the information architecture of our website.

Part 2- Redesigning Saeloun's Website (Research)

Learn about how we did the competitive analysis as part of secondary research and collected references for our website.

Part 1- Redesigning Saeloun's Website (Messaging)

Redefining target audience, brandscript, and overall messaging of our website.

3 Fundamental Design Principles that 99% Apps / Sites get wrong

Visual Contrast, Visual Hierarchy and Minimal design are 3 Design Principles that are missing or poorly implmented on Apps / Websites

Creating Visual Identity - Moodboard

Creating Visual Identity by collecting images that resonate with our brand to form a moodboard

Our first step to creating brand guidelines - Brand sprint

How we conducted virtual brand sprint, and what we discovered about our brand?

Experiments in rebranding - The What and Why

First part in a series of articles about our rebranding process.