Testing and development

Introducing Line Range Filtering in Rails 7.1 Testing

Rails 7.1 introduces line range filtering for running specific tests within a test file based on line numbers.

How to set up a CI/CD workflow for Expo React Native application using Github Actions.

In this blog, we will see how to set up a CI/CD workflow using Github Actions for the Expo React Native application.

Breaking changes in Cypress 10.0

Cypress version 10.0 was released last month with a lot of new features, changes, bug fixes, and deprecations.

Cypress 9.6.0 introduces cy.origin for testing multi-domain workflows

Cypress introduces cy.origin to switch between multiple superdomains in a single test from UI

Measuring and Optimizing Performance of a Rails application.

A comparative analysis of the performance metrics before and after completing the scale tests.

Cypress 9.3.0 added .selectFile() command to select files

Cypress introduced native support for file upload and selecting files in an HTML5 input element.

Cypress 9.2.0 introduces a new environment variable 'CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT'

Add the 'CYPRESS_VERIFY_TIMEOUT' environment variable to override the timeout duration of the verify command.

Cypress 9.2.0 will throw an error when a user attempts to update a read-only config value

Cypress will throw an error when a user attempts to update a read-only configuration value at run-time using either the Test Configuration or using Cypress.config().

Scalability Testing using k6

Understanding scalability testing, creating a user profile, and running tests using k6.

Cypress 9.0.0 will throw an error on adding existing commands

Adding an existing command with Cypress.commands.add() will throw an error indicating that overwrite should be used in these situations instead.