Articles by Agnidipta Bhattacharjee

Secure CSRF Token Storage in Rails 7 using Encrypted Cookies

Introduction of Rails 7 feature to store CSRF tokens outside of the session such as in encrypted cookies.

Simplifying DOM Element Generation in Rails with the Enhanced dom_id Method

Learn how the recent enhancement to the Rails `dom_id` method allows developers to generate both an ID and a class for an element in a single line of code

Rails adds Rails.env.local? to determine its current environment

Rails adds the ability to identify whether the current environment is the local development environment with the help of `Rails.env.local?`

Release of Postgres15

Identify the perks and deprecated features of Postgres15

How to enable Rails CSRF Protection?

Let’s find out what cross-site request forgery (CSRF) is, how it works in Rails, and understand how we can prevent CSRF vulnerabilities.

Ruby introduces Regexp.timeout

Ruby introduces the Regexp.timeout feature to prevent the unexpectedly Regexp matching and risk of DoS.

How to Copy Text and Images to Clipboard in Javascript?

The Clipboard API helps to copy text and images to the clipboard asynchronously without affecting the performance of the application.

How to write SQL queries in Rails?

ActiveRecord in Rails helps developers to simplify the process of interacting with databases.

Saeloun's Company Retreat to Goa

Know about our company retreat to Goa and the fun times e had filled with games, good food, and lots of conversations.

Step-by-step guide to GSAP Library

With GSAP library, we can create beautiful animations using Tweens, ScrollTrigger, and Timelines

Sneak peak into the workstation of Saeloun team!

Saeloun has been remote since it started. We asked our team to share a photograph of their workstation.

Rails 7 introduces only_numeric option within numericality validator

With Rails 7, only_numeric option can be used for the numericality validator.

How to integrate Google Analytics with React JS application?

Step-by-step guide on setting up and adding Google Analytics to React application.

Ruby 3.1 adds Class#subclasses

Ruby 3.1's new method Class#subclasses returns all classes directly from the receiver without adding singleton classes.

What's New in Tailwind CSS v3?

Tailwind CSS v3 has released its version 3 with several new utilities and variants for a more improved workflow.

Using Condenser for subsetting databases and removing PII

Learn how to use Condenser for subsetting database and PII removal using Postgres and MySQL.