Deep dive into the new Suspense Server-side Rendering ( SSR ) architecture in React 18

The new SSR foundation allows us to combine streaming server-side rendering with a new approach to hydration - Selective Hydration! It also prioritizes hydrating the parts the user is interacting with, creating an illusion of instant hydration.

Rails 7 renders accurate plain text output for nested fields

Plain text rendering of nested fields now reserves indentation.

Rails 7 allows setting timestamps on insert_all/upsert_all record creation

All relevant timestamp columns (`created_at`, `created_on`, `updated_at`, `updated_on`) are now set via ActiveRecord when using mass insertion queries.

Cypress 9.2.0 will throw an error when a user attempts to update a read-only config value

Cypress will throw an error when a user attempts to update a read-only configuration value at run-time using either the Test Configuration or using Cypress.config().

Sneak peek into React 18 useDeferredValue hook

The useDeferredValue hook allows us to mark some tasks as less important, making the app feel more responsive, thereby improving the user experience.

Rails 7 adds better support for custom enum types in PostgreSQL

With Rails 7, use create_enum to add a new enum type and t.enum to add a column.

Ruby 3.1 adds Class#subclasses

Ruby 3.1's new method Class#subclasses returns all classes directly from the receiver without adding singleton classes.

Ins and Outs of Profit Sharing

We are delighted to announce our Profit Sharing process for 2022 for our Rails Consultancy. Here are some highlights from the process

What's New in Tailwind CSS v3?

Tailwind CSS v3 has released its version 3 with several new utilities and variants for a more improved workflow.

How to Use Enums in Rails

A deep dive into what enums are, how to create and configure enums using Rails.