PostgreSQL data-types in Rails

With Rails, there are many built-in data types that PostgreSQL supports. It's a great addition to the developer's toolkit!

Meet the new hook useSyncExternalStore, introduced in React 18 for external stores

The most significant update of React 18 comes with concurrent rendering. However, with the external store, there are some issues(tearing) that come up with concurrent rendering. To fix these issues, React 18 provides a new hook, useSyncExternalStore.

Rails adds `authenticate_by` method when using `has_secure_password`

Rails adds `authenticate_by` method that helps mitigate timing-based enumeration attacks.

Using Amazon Personalize to create a Recommendation System

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Recommender System using Amazon Personalize with its Similar-Items Recipe

Use the combined jsbundling-rails gem instead of individual js bundler gems

JSBundling provides a flexible way of using different Javascript bundlers

Second Week Experience at Saeloun

List of things I worked on and learnt in the Second Week

Scalability Testing using k6

Understanding scalability testing, creating a user profile, and running tests using k6.

Navigation in React Router 6

React Router provides us with an easy-to-use interface for navigation, allowing us to manipulate and subscribe to the browser's history stack.

Ruby 3.1 adds Class#descendants

With Ruby 3.1, we can use `Class#descendants` to yield the classes that have been directly or indirectly derived from a specific class.

Creating Visual Identity with Colors

Curating a color pallette for Saeloun's brand's visual identity