Part 3 - Redesigning Saeloun's Website ( Information Architecture )

Learn about the changes we made to improve the information architecture of our website.

Part 2- Redesigning Saeloun's Website (Research)

Learn about how we did the competitive analysis as part of secondary research and collected references for our website.

Saeloun's Company Retreat to Goa

Know about our company retreat to Goa and the fun times e had filled with games, good food, and lots of conversations.

Sneak peak into the workstation of Saeloun team!

Saeloun has been remote since it started. We asked our team to share a photograph of their workstation.

Part 1- Redesigning Saeloun's Website (Messaging)

Redefining target audience, brandscript, and overall messaging of our website.

3 Fundamental Design Principles that 99% Apps / Sites get wrong

Visual Contrast, Visual Hierarchy and Minimal design are 3 Design Principles that are missing or poorly implmented on Apps / Websites

Typography - Creating our Visual Identity

Part 3 of our Visual Identity series involves Typography that expresses the personality of our company, its values and emotions.

Second Week Experience at Saeloun

List of things I worked on and learnt in the Second Week

Creating Visual Identity with Colors

Curating a color pallette for Saeloun's brand's visual identity

My second week at Saeloun as an apprentice

Overview of the assignment from second week